5 Benefits of a Humidifier Installation in Calgary


Installation of a humidifier in your home can have environmental and medical benefits. It adds moisture to the air to keep your body and mind in healthy conditions. It can remove many types of infection-causing germs and bacteria from the air. It keeps the air cool and removes heat.  The biggest benefit of humidifier is you can use it during all seasons of the year. During summer it can prevent deposition of humidity in the air. During winter it can prevent the dryness conditions. During rains, it can avoid the dampness of the air.

Air Cooling

Indoor air circulation happens from a specific point of ventilation to the opposite point of air exit. The humidifier can absorb incoming air with its powerful motor and fan. The parts like humidifier-control, temperature sensor, and sensing relay are responsible for creating the right atmosphere within your living space.

Sensing the external temperature is very important. It gives instructions to the main cooling part about how to cool. You can set specific minimum and temperature values using manual control. Once the temperature reaches that value, the humidifier can stop or start cooling. It is one method of ensuring the proper moisture level.

Air Cleaning

The humidifier is stated to be a better option for those with lungs and cardiovascular problems. It is because of its capacity to keep oxygen at a high level. The filters within the device can remove dust, dirt, and carbon compounds. Hence, the air passing through contains more volume of oxygen.

People with asthma conditions also find the air to be comfortable for breathing. Moreover, the humidifier doesn’t force the air particulates into the room, unlike the other devices. For example, you can consider forced air cooling system. It tends to create stress on the lungs of those suffering from disorders. The rate of breathing can remain at normal levels as long as the patients remain dependent on a humidifier.

Moisture Control

A humidifier can control the ratio of moisture per square feet of the room’s air volume. You can read the user manual of the product on which the ratio will be specified. The controls on the device can help you to set it to the specific value of your comfort. There is a component within the device, called drain-spud-kit.

The drain-spud-kit is responsible for the flow of water within the humidifier. Whenever the moisture level goes beyond a specific value, the kit automatically shuts down (partially or fully) to keep the water flow under control.

Respiratory Benefits

Upper Respiratory Tract

The evaporation rate of moisture from the upper respiratory tract of an average healthy individual is stated to be between 250ml and 325ml per day. Moisturizing of the respiratory tract happens through the incoming air. If the incoming air is dry, it can affect the mucus membrane. Drying of mucus membrane can affect the health condition of lungs and cardiovascular organs.

Regardless of external conditions, the moisturizing has to happen in the same range of 250ml and 325ml per day. The humidifier design is set to match this rate exactly. Hence, the breathing remains within standards.

Lower and Respiratory Tract

The lower respiratory tract has the inbuilt mechanism to remove airborne bacteria and other germs once they enter the periphery. It can continue to function normally, as long as the external moisture is within the rage standard values of 40%-60%RH. It is the value when the temperature is within the range of 180C to 250C.

When the moisture content from the air decreases below a specific value, the efficiency of bacterial removal also decreases. In such conditions, the dryness of mucus in the upper respiratory tract can also have a negative impact on the immunity of the lower respiratory tract. Hence, the individual is prone to respiratory tract diseases.

A humidifier can keep the saturation limit of moisture entering the respiratory tracts at healthy levels. It can also keep the respiratory tract temperature within healthy conditions. The mucus within the tracts remains in moistures conditions. Hence the immunity of lower respiratory tracts is always high. So, the probability of respiratory tract disorders and diseases is very low.

Cardiovascular Organs

The circulatory system is not only dependent on the heart, but also on the design mechanism of the circulatory system itself. As the blood flows, the side walls of the veins cerate pressure to push it through them.

The veins absorb energy from the blood to keep working. Continuous working can generate an excess of heat. It could result in variation in the pressure. The cooing of veins is possible when the blood carries the optimum volume of oxygen.

The humidifier in your living room can supply the optimum volume of oxygen with cooling effects on the circulatory system. So, the veins continue to work efficiently.

The heart is also one of the pumping organs within the human body. Just like the other cardiovascular organs, it also needs cooling. The process can happen through the skin layers, as well as the circulatory system. The humidifier in your home can serve both the purposes simultaneously.

Skin Benefits

Skin needs moisture. The volume depends on the type, texture, and structure of the skin layers. The humidifier can keep the skin cells moist at the right levels.

Moisture has many other benefits for the skin. Preservation of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients in the cells protect them from diseases and disorders.

Protection from UV is also a key task of the humidifier. The moist air molecules can increase the production of collagen within the epidermis to hypodermis layers of the skin. Collagen absorbs moisture and prevents aging effects also.


As you can see, the humidifier can have multiple health benefits from your skin to the heart. You need to select the right humidifier size depending on the volume of air it has to cool. You can choose between the installations of multiple devices or a centralized system. Hence, it is necessary for you to consult professional humidifier specialists to know about your specific requirements. They can also advise on the location to install the humidifier(s) to get the maximum benefits.