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Emergency Furnace Repair Calgary: Tips for Successful Fall Furnace Maintenance


The season between summer and winter is the best time to maintain your home furnace in Calgary. You can get multiple benefits like reduced costs, discounts, and the ease of maintenance works. That is if you opt for a professional furnace maintenance service. Even if you were to choose the DIY procedure, the tasks become simple. You can disassemble the ducts and perform the maintenance tasks. Since the external temperature is within the optimum levels, you won’t feel the fatigue or stress while cleaning.

Emergency Furnace Repairs

The need for emergency furnace repair arises when the parts of your furnace have broken down. You may not observe the problems during summer because you hardly use the furnace. You may use the furnace once in a whole during fall. Keeping the furnace idle for a long time can result in technical and functional problems.

Combustion Chamber

Periodical maintenance of the combustion chamber is the most important task you need to perform during fall. It is because the inner walls can have deposits of duct, dirt, and mold. They can become critical problems in winter when you start using the furnace again. Clean the combustion chamber and keep it free from contaminants.

Remove the burner cover and remove the deposits of dry lubricants and dirt. Apply the standard lubricant. There will be plenty of contaminant deposits on the burners located beneath the cover. The best way to clean them is to use an old toothbrush. It is because the bristles are soft, yet firm to take out all the dirt. Use a cleaning liquid /chemical to take out the deposits of rust.

Check the gas shut-off valve externally. Clean the rust. Clean the flame sensor, igniter, and the pilot’s exteriors. Apply lubricant or standard engine oil to the moving parts within the chamber.

Heat Exchanger

Heat exchanger is S-shaped metallic windings just behind the combustion chamber. You need to clean it up during fall because of the risk of rusting and corrosion. You may access parts of exchanger without opening the combustion chamber. Or you have to take out the assembly and clean it outside the furnace. You can find fasteners at the top and bottom of the combustion chamber’s rear end. Unfasten them and the nut and bolt if any. You can take it out and start cleaning.

Heat exchangers are generally made of copper. Hence, they may not have the risk of rusting much. But they can have deposits of dirt, dry lubricants, and other contaminants. Clean them using a brush and a liquid.

Check for any cracks and damages on the heat exchanger surface. Of course, you can’t check the internal parts visually. You need to use a thermal scanner, which may not be available in your home.  So, you need to call a professional furnace repairer, if you are doubtful about the internal damages.

Apply lubricants or standard engine oil. Place the heat exchanger in its original location and tighten the screws and bolts.

Supply Register

The supply register is located within your rooms. It has a filter, a protective cage and assembly parts. Summer is the time when dust and contaminants start depositing within the ducts and the register. You may hardly get any time to clean up during summer and most part of fall also.

You can start your cleaning tasks just before the arrival of winter (late fall) even if you perform the cleaning only on weekends, it is possible to complete it before winter. Since you have time, you can study the technical manual of duct and supply register in detail to follow the DIY procedures.

Return Register

The return registers and duct supply the cool air from the rooms back to the furnace. Cleaning procedures will be the same as the supply register and ducts.

Supply Ducts

The supply ducts from the furnace to your room will be in sections. They may be installed within the walls or externally. They will have access points along the length. Your task is to identify those points and perform the cleaning task. Use the combination of a brush and vacuum cleaner. We suggest you to use the higher power portable vacuum cleaner to ensure complete elimination of contaminants.

Points to Remember

  • Frequent shutdown
  • Insufficient burning
  • Noise while working
  • Gas Leaks
  • VOC deposits
  • Critical air pollution within rooms

These are the situations in which you will need the services of a professional furnace repairer in Calgary. Make sure you don’t perform any DIY experiments because the risks can be too dangerous. They may cause personal injuries and property damages.


Calibration of furnace parts is an important procedure to ensure accurate functionality and precision reading. It applies to all the measuring meters, valves, control components and the visual display units. Since each component is located at different sections, it may time to take them out calibrate and reinstall.

Other Fall Furnace Service Benefits

You can diagnose the problems much before they turn critical. You will have plenty of time to check since the usage of the furnace during fall is almost zero. It may not be possible to perform the tasks during the summer due to climatic conditions. So, the most preferred time is the fall.

Professional Calgary Furnace Repairers

Professional Calgary furnace repairers have the experience and expertise to perform emergency repair and periodical maintenance tasks. They can handle any type and size of the furnace with precision works. They can also ensure the safety of your family and the protection of your property during the repair and maintenance tasks.

You can choose the best furnace repairer by searching online. Or you can contact your friends and neighbors to get the references. Short-list two or three and talk to each of them. You can also get a quote after they have inspected your furnace and supply networks. Talk to them to know about their technical expertise, experience and the ability to diagnose the defects immediately. Then you can choose the best and get the furnace repair and maintenance services in Calgary.