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Why Getting the Furnaces Cleaned After a Renovation is so Important?



Having a well-maintained Calgary home is not as easy as people might believe to be. It takes a lot of effort, and the cleaning can also get monotonous as you do it daily. Still, the secret to having a wonderful home is ‘can do’ attitude and not be lazy about cleaning stuff. 

Furnaces Calgary are a part of that. Most people leave out furnaces because they believe they do not need as much maintenance as other objects like furniture and home appliances. This is not true one bit because, after a cold winter, the furnace has burnt quite a lot and requires a good looking at before it can start functioning again for the next winter. 

Why should you get your furnace cleaned up? Well, that’s because if you don’t, sooner or later, you are going to risk your life and the life of anyone else living in that home with you. While you’re getting your home renovated, take out time to clean the furnace. Develop a plan to go about having it stop functioning for a day or two and making sure to check for any broken bits or chipped offsides that can potentially break away. You can even get it a new coat of paint, so it increases its life for a few more years. 

When to Clean your Calgary Furnace?

While cleaning your furnace during renovations is a great opportunity, it is not the only time of the year when you should clean it. Instead, there are specific periods when you should get the furnace cleaned up. Proper maintenance is mostly recommended after winter and before it. However, in colder areas where the furnace keeps on working all year round, it is recommended to get the furnace cleaned after every 2 months. 

There are professional furnace cleaning agencies in Calgary  just like there were chimney sweeps in the old days. These people help to clean your furnace and check for any other problems that may have occurred over the time of use. You might not be able to notice problems in the furnace beforehand, but these people are experienced in the field and can help you stay cautious about any problems that develop. 

So, it also depends on if you’re using a professional cleaning service. If the maintenance person says it needs to be done, you will have to get it done right away. 

Why Getting the Furnace Cleaned is Important for you Calgary Home? 

While the furnace functions inside of your home, it can quite literally be a hotspot for dust and dirt followed by other particles in the air and ground. While it is shut down for the season, the furnace can attract all of these particles and start getting clogged in the small pipes. This reduces the effectiveness of the furnace for the next time you light it up to keep you warm. 

The biggest problem with these pipes getting clogged is that when you turn the furnace on, you risk all of these harmful particles circulating around your home. While you’ve kept your home clean for so long, the furnace issue can bring forth an end to that streak and cause your breathing problems as a bonus. All the dust accumulates around you, and when you breathe, you suck in all of these particles inside.  This takes a turn for the worse because now you have to look out for allergies and infections plus the furnace can’t keep you warm enough.

Causes Allergies:

Dust allergies are pretty common, which is why people in most households have air fresheners that help to reduce the dust particles in the air. People also vacuum any dust that accumulates on the floor so that it does not rise in the air every time someone moves past it. Your body can have adverse effects while facing dust allergies, which why you need to take care of. 

Certain symptoms include a puffed-up face followed by skin reactions and heaviness in the chest. This is most probably caused by the mucus that accumulates in your body. 

Causes Infections:

Infections are worse, and you have to see a proper doctor get through the symptoms. Lung infections are the most common problems that are caused by unclean furnaces. Bacteria travel through the air and into your lungs while you breathe. Think of them hitching a ride on the dust particles in the air, and when someone breathes in, it gives them access inside the body where they can wreak havoc. 

Symptoms include coughing and heaviness in the chest, followed by frequent pain spikes. Make sure to see a doctor when this happens for proper treatment of the problem.

Reduction in Efficiency: 

The overall efficiency of the furnace will decrease. On a cold winter night, you might end up getting sick because the furnace did not keep you warmed up. This is due to dust accumulating in the pipes and then expanding towards the core of the furnace. Sometimes, pipes burst from the pressure buildup, which can prove fatal for anyone near the furnace at the time. This also increases your overall expense because now you have to get a new furnace to replace the old one. 

For problems regarding efficiency, get a professional to take a look and clean the furnace inside out. Better safe than sorry as they always say, right?


Calgary Furnaces are important in keeping the body warm and are a godsend for places which experience cold weather throughout the year. The last thing anyone needs is living in a home that is both dusty, unbreathable, and also cold as hell. Spending some cash for maintenance of the equipment while getting the home renovated sounds like the perfect idea to go for. If you are lucky, the professionals will give you a discount because it’s your first time. This way, you can keep in touch whenever you need the furnace cleaned.