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Air Duct Cleaning Calgary: How to Check the Air Quality in Your Home


There are two ways in which you can monitor the air quality at home. The first way is to use electronic sensors. The second method is to use the sensors supported by software apps, which give better accuracy of the reading. You can also use the visual and smelling inspections to detect the presence of mold and mildew in your home walls, floors, and ceilings. Then you can take remedial measures to improve and sustain the air quality within the Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Air Quality Testing Equipment

Electronic Version

Professional testing equipment can detect the presence of mold, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, mildew, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). The testing of each component is vital for the analysis of potential health hazards due to internal environment pollution.

Mold Detection

The air sampling pump in the test kit can absorb the particulates from the indoor and outdoor environment. The indicator shows the level of mold between moderate, intense, and critical. The equipment can also show you the type of mold with the calibration of 15 liters per minute testing capacity.

The device can detect macro and micro size mold within your home. Research works are going on to make the device more accurate for the Nano-size particulates. Of course, there are many such instruments already in the market, but they are more expensive and available only for rentals.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

The device is compact and mountable on the wall or any surface in your home. It can detect the level of carbon monoxide emissions from your kitchen, furnace, air conditioner, and other appliances. It shows you the ratio of the compound per unit volume of air. Once the level increases beyond the normal level, it can generate an alarm. Some of the modern devices also have inbuilt voice recording and warning options.

Formaldehyde Detection

Formaldehyde is a chemical which emanates from the construction materials of your home. The compound mixes easily with air and causes severe health issues related to the respiratory tracts, lungs, and cardiovascular organs. The detection of the compound could be tough due to its high solubility with oxygen. Hence, the electronic device you use should have the highest level of precision and speed.

The latest technology based formaldehyde detector can connect to your smart-phone to transmit the readings. You will need a compatible app (downloadable) to install on the phone. The app comes with a sophisticated interface which shows the level of concentration of formaldehyde within your home. It can also generate an alarm when the concentration goes beyond the tolerance level.

You have to check the intensity closer to the walls, floors, and ceilings. It is because the intensity will be more near such spots. You can also check the electrical appliances like the refrigerator, air conditioner, forced air systems, etc. You can customize the readings to be specific for each location and appliance in the app.

VOC Detection

VOC can be present in the cleaning liquids, detergents, chemicals, paints, polishes, and other household utilities, which have liquid coatings like the furniture. They evaporate and mix with the air within your home. The compounds can be Isopropyl Alcohol, Alkane, propane, pentane, and others. The detection has to be highly accurate and fast. So, you can use the continuous monitoring device to know the values.

A typical portable device has a VOC sensor and LCD display unit. It is possible to customize the device to show specific compound levels. You can read the maximum, minimum, and average levels of VOC within your home.

Make sure the device can show you the sharp fluctuations in the VOC levels and generates the alarms accordingly.

Dust Detection

You will need a multipurpose device for the detection of all the above-stated pollutants as well as the dust particulates. Dust can be in the macro, micro, and Nano-sizes. The device can show you the reading based on particulate size and type.

Smoke Detection

Generally, you can detect smoke through visual inspection. However, certain forms of smoke like carbon dioxide can be transparent and undetectable. So, the electronic device should be able to detect dissolved smoke components.

Air Duct Cleaning – Is it the Solution

If you are seriously willing to get rid of the pollutants from your home, it is time to try the air duct cleaning. The process could be simple or complex, depending on the size and length of the air ducts in your home.

Cleaning Procedures

You can start the furnace cleaning  calgary procedures from the outlets and move towards the source. You have to clean the internal walls of the duct to eliminate deposits of dust, dirt, mold and mildew. You may use a vacuum and cleaning brush to make the process effective.

Internal Vs External Ducts

External ducts are easy to assemble and disassemble. It is because they are installed in sections and connected with fasteners or other assembly methods. You can clean up each section from start to finish points. You may also read the instruction manual for learning how to disassemble and reassemble after cleaning.

The internal ducts are complex in design and construction. You may need the help of a professional duct cleaner to make the cleaning accurate and complete.

Preventive Maintenance

Air ducts can clog and cause internal pollution. They may be the origin of mold, mildew, dust, dirt, and microorganisms within your home. The intensity of deposits can vary, depending on the age, working condition, and the structural elements of the HVAC device.


The recommended practice is preventive maintenance. You may use DO-it-Yourself (DIY) procedures or hire professionals. They will have required experience and expertise in handling the intricate parts of the air duct and its accessories. They will also have the required equipment and tools to simplify the process of air duct cleaning.

You may feel the professional services could be expensive compared to DIY. However, it is a better option for ensuring safety and hygienic environment within your home. Search for the qualified professionals within Calgary to find the most efficient and economical service provider. They can also take care of checking the air quality in your home.