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6 Things You Need to Know Before Having Your Calgary Air Ducts Cleaned


Duct cleaning in Calgary is a streamlined process for keeping your home hygienic and healthy during winter. It is because the usage of the furnace will be highest during this period. Probability of dust and mold deposits during the other seasons will also be high. Hence, you may need to perform maintenance and cleaning procedures near the end of fall. However, some of the experts opine that the annual cleaning of ducts may not be required. Let us look at the six things you need to know before having your Calgary air ducts cleaned.

1.     Expert Opinion

The opinion could be due to the duct material used in Calgary. Traditionally the installers used galvanized steel and aluminum for the base material. The external insulation materials were Polyurethane or PVC. Today’s installers commonly use the same base materials. However, the insulation materials vary.

They may use ABS, polycarbonate, and silicon compounds. They are much stronger and can protect the inner ducts from exposure to the external elements. Hence, the probability of dust and contamination deposits could be much lower compared to earlier times.

Is the Opinion Logical?

The opinion is logical as long as your home furnace is new or well maintained. The parts are free from dust and dirt. The humidity of hot air is within standard values. The ducts don’t pass through any parts of your home in which the mold and mildew growth is high.

2.     Practical Situations

Practical situation is far from ideal conditions. You may have an aging furnace which is exposed to the risk of dust, dirt, and volatile chemical compounds. Your residential home may have frequent water leaks from the foundation. Your home’s plumbing works could be old and leaking. The ducts may pass close to the water pipes. In such cases, the probability of contamination is certainly high.  Hence the frequency of cleaning could be annual or once in every six months or less also.

3.     Duct Cleaning Need

Call an expert duct cleaning expert for the inspection of the duct network. If your home has two or three rooms, the task is simple. He can inspect the supply and return ducts within a short time and give you the results.

If there are multiple ducts in both ways, it may not be possible to inspect them within a short time. He has to follow the duct path from the supply plenum all the way to the supply register for each room. Then he has to return from the return register all the way to the filter located near to the blower motor of the furnace. It is a complex task which requires expertise, patience and experience.

What you need to check are the duct cleaner’s qualities. You can talk to him about your need and ask him to explain how he will perform the cleaning works. Then you can understand the real need for cleaning. Don’t restrict your consultation to only one expert. You can talk to more than three or four cleaners before taking the call for cleaning.

4.     Duct Network Knowledge

You have to get some basic knowledge of the duct networks in your home. It is very important to ensure you can ask meaningful and relevant questions to the cleaning expert. Then he will know that you can’t be taken for granted.

Start from the basics of furnace design and duct connectivity. You should know how the dirt and contaminants enter the ducts. The paths could be from the furnace or the exterior environment. To know this you have to understand the duct layout in and around your home. For this, you need to conduct a practical analysis of the network using the DIY procedures.

5.     Furnace Cleaning

Cleaning the duct alone will not be sufficient. You have to ensure the cleaning of furnace’s external and internal parts. It is for the simple reason that the main source of contaminants is the furnace itself. You have to start from the blower motor and go all the way into the furnace’s interiors. You have to cover the combustion chamber, heat exchanger, control valves, supply plenum, fuel inlet valves, draft-hood and others.

Furnace cleaning could be a complex task, which depends on its age, frequency of usage, load, and fatigue factors. The combustion chamber is perhaps the most critical part you have to clean. But it may not be within the scope of DIY procedures. Hence, you have to hire a professional duct and furnace cleaner in Calgary.

Furnace cleaning is a part of regular maintenance. There could be many other defects within the furnace like the part wear out, internal cracks, damages to valve screws and buts, etc. You have to know the details of repair and replacement. You should also have knowledge of the new parts and their costing.

Repair or Replace?

Assume there is a problem with the pressure relief valve and there are two options. Repairing may cost you $50, while the replacement may cost $200. The repaired valve may work for six months before the next breakdown. The replaced valve may work for the next ten years with absolutely no breakdown. Which option will you choose? You can apply the same logic to the duct cleaning services also.

6.     Compare Quotes

Get the quotes from multiple duct cleaners in Calgary. You have to compare not only the costs but also their experience. You can read the customer testimonials on the service quality, reliability and dependability factors.

Having knowledge about the impact of duct cleaning on the interior environment and the health of family members is very important. You can ask the experts to avoid the negative impacts after the cleaning. You will also know what measures you have to take for cleaning the home and furniture to ensure complete hygiene.


Make sure you get to know all the above-listed information before having your Calgary air ducts cleaned. It will ensure technical precision, complete hygiene, and safety aspects. You can also ensure long term durability of the cleaned ducts.