How to Save Money With Your Air Conditioner Installation Calgary This Summer

The first step is to calculate the Air conditioning requirement for your living space. Are you planning for a centralized system or an individual air conditioner? What is the net area of your home? Comparison of a centralized system with individual appliances can help you to save the installation, maintenance, and power needs. The system should be optimized for your home. That means you don’t end up installing a larger or smaller than required size.

Tonnage Calculation

The average calculation for a 400 square foot home could let you choose a four tons capacity centralized air conditioner or wall-mounted system according to the standards. You have to choose the product with optimum quality for compressor, coil, start components, and accessories.

Preferred Technical Specifications


You may find the compressor specifications on the product manual. All the standard air conditioner manufacturers will specify the motor type, power supply; start-up voltage, running voltage, etc. The compressor could be a reciprocating, centrifugal, screw, or rotary types.

The reciprocator type has multiple cylinders. Generally, it will be in even numbers like 2, 4, or 6. The capacity of the compressor is stated to be high as the numbers increase. At the same time, it can consume more power compared to the other types.

Centrifugal compressor is mostly in the centralized air conditioners. There are no bearings or valves in this type of compressor. Hence, the efficiency is high and the maintenance requirement is low. It can also cool larger areas compared to the other types. However, the cost of such an air conditioner will be relatively higher compared to the others. But it can cool a number of rooms.

Screw and rotary types are common for window and wall mounted air conditioners. You can also find such compressors in the portable air conditioners with wheels. You can use them for small spaces like your study room.

You may speak to the air conditioner dealer and find the most optimized compressor for your air conditioner.


The air conditioner coil plays a big role in saving power and increasing efficiency. You may choose between copper or aluminum coils based on price, efficiency and output. Copper is, of course, more expensive compared to the aluminum. The heat transfer and cooling rate are much faster in copper coil compared to aluminum. It can also cool the living space much faster. So, you can save on power consumption factor for copper compared to aluminum.

Copper is relatively more free from corrosion. It is also more durable and it can endure long hours of continuous running. The best part of the copper coil is that you can repair it without having to replace. So, you have one more reason for choosing copper coils. Copper can withstand harsh weather conditions since it is mounted outside of your home.

Coil width is one of the key characteristics which you have to consider. There are many classes of coils from A to H. The width varies from 14.5” to 24.5”. there are many types of coils which measure 10.5”. You have to choose the compressor with the most optimum thickness, and the best person to advise you could be the air conditioner service and installation expert.

Compressor Sump

Compressor sump is the heat absorbing unit of your air conditioner. The more heat it can absorb, the better your air conditioner can work. The calculations will be generally on BTU/hour. You can refer to the product manual to know the rating. You can also compare three or four brands of products to choose the one which is the best. But don’t forget to include the other parameters like the compressor and the coil.

Sound Enclosure

The part is useful for absorbing the noise and reducing the vibrations of working components. The efficiency of this component will determine how effective and economical your air conditioner is. Most of the manufactures will specify the ratings in the product manual.


Look for the technical specifications of the condenser fan. It can enhance the heat transfer rate of the air conditioner coil. Check the static air flow pressure and the air moving capacity. The Rotations per Minute rate should be a minimum of 1000 or more.


Automated changeover type of thermostat can save energy and work more efficiently. It should have a strong sub-base for controlling its effective action. The interaction between the two is the most important factor which determines the working capacity of the thermostat. You can speak to the air conditioner technician to know more about the efficient functionality.

A programmable thermostat can help you to save more energy than the others. You can set the timing and the temperature conditions within a small CPU installed on the system. It can automatically change the settings and work efficiently.

Zone Selection Option

Search for an air conditioner, which can cool only select zones within a section of your room.  The initial investments could be more because of the high tech feature. If you wish to opt for room-wise cooling, it is better to install a centralized air conditioner. You may feel the price to be more at the stage of installation. However, the savings you do on such systems will be much better than the individual systems. But you have to calculate the net cooling requirements of your home during various seasons before making the selection.


You can choose to install a pedestal based fan to accompany the air conditioner, especially during nights. Then you can keep the cooling at relatively energy saving mode and turn on the fan. The air circulation will be relatively more free and cooler. It is one way of reducing the expenses on the air conditioner.

The recommended practice is to consult a professional HVAC expert before making the decision. He may suggest you opt for centralized, wall/window mounted, or radiant cooling/heating system. Multipurpose systems can also save you the cost of separate installations for cooling and heating systems. They also work more efficiently to make your home hygienic and healthy during this summer and forever.